1. lord, lord and master, overlord, ruler, tyrant, dictator, despot; king, sovereign, monarch, majesty, crowned head, potentate, dynast; prince, emperor, rajah, maharajah, sultan, czar, Caesar, kaiser, Fr. roi, Latin, rex. sheik, khan, governor, tetrarch; president, Chief Executive, commander in chief, Inf. pres, premier, chief of state, head of state, captain of the ship of state.
2. leader, chief, chieftain, head, headman, captain; superior, commander, commanding officer, senior officer, commandant, general, chief of staff, high chief, (of some tribes of American Indians) sachem; employer, Inf. boss, It. padrone, Fr. patron; Inf. boss-man, Inf. big boss, man-in-charge, chairman, director, administrator; headmaster, schoolmaster, principal, dean; executive, manager, overseer, taskmaster, slave driver, supervisor, superintendent, Inf. super, foreman, Brit. gaffer; Inf. kingpin, Inf. kingfish, Inf. number one, Inf.Mr. Big, Sl. top dog, Sl. head hon-cho, Sl. big cheese, Fr. grand fromage, Sl. wheel or big wheel, Sl. high man on the totem pole, cock of the walk.
3. owner, possessor, holder, keeper, slaveholder, slave owner; landlord, proprietor, landowner, landholder; feudal lord or superior, liege, lord, Hist. suzerain; seigneur, Japanese Hist. daimyo, signior, signor; squire, Scot. laird, Russian Hist. baoyar, (in medieval Germany) landgrave.
4. nobleman, noble, peer; grand duke, archduke, duke, marquis, Hist. margrave, earl, count, viscount, baron; grandee, magnifico, don, hidalgo.
5. captain, skipper, commander.
6. patriarch, master or man of the house, Irish Eng. himself; Inf. boss, father, papa, Inf. pa, Inf. dad, daddy, Inf. pop, Chiefly Midland and Southern U.S. pappy.
7. teacher, guide, leader or spiritual leader, guru, rabbi, Japanese, roshi.
8. the Master, Jesus Christ, Jesus, Christ, the Naza-rene, the Galilean; the Redeemer, the Savior, Emmanuel, the Messiah, the Son of God.
9. victor, conqueror, triumpher, champion, winner, hero; conquistador, subjugator, subduer, defeater, vanquisher.
10. master hand, expert, proficient. See master hand
11. boy, young man or fellow, Scot. chield, youth, adolescent, teenager, teen or teener, minor, hobbledehoy; male child, Inf. kid, youngster, stripling, lad, cub, sprig, schoolboy, whippersnapper; son, sonny, cadet, scion.
12. chief, principal, main, predominant, cardinal, prime; leading, most important, dominating, commanding, controlling, ruling, directing.
13. masterful, masterly, skillful, skilled. See masterly(def.1).
14. conquer, vanquish, triumph over, defeat, beat, Inf. whip; overmaster, overpower, overwhelm, overthrow, take over; prostrate, break, smash, crush, flatten, bring [s.o.] to his knees; subdue, subjugate, subject, subordinate, enslave, enthrall; beat down, put down, quash, quell, stamp out; repress, suppress, keep down.
15.(all of animals) break, break in, tame, domesticate.
16. dominate, rule, control, govern; command, order around, dictate to, boss around, tell [s.o.] what to do; direct, manage, call the shots or plays,, run the show, rule the roost, lay down the law; lord it over, domineer, be overbearing, rule with a high or iron hand, tyrannize; ride herd on, ride roughshod over, intimidate, browbeat, bully.
17. learn thoroughly, acquire skill in, become proficient in, make oneself a master of, know inside out or backwards and forwards.

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